Relics of the Future – Work in Progress About

Relics of the Future
In today’s popular motorised culture, two important changes are in progress: The ‘Machine Age’ is coming to an end; vehicles running on gasoline and diesel are being replaced by electric vehicles. In addition, self-driving vehicles are upcoming alternatives for private and commercial transport. The whole concept of cars and vehicles as we know it will change.

This transition to other forms of transport is the reason for my investigation into today’s mobility culture. Which vehicles are used where depends on many social and economic factors. In some countries, a vehicle is purely functional, whereas in other countries it is also a reflection of status and identity.

‘Relics of the Future’ explores the symbiosis between a vehicle and its user in different regions across the world. It is also a timeline which runs from the handcart to the electric car.
I present the project per chapter (region).

First chapter India
With a team of helpers I traveled through India to photograph the symbiosis between the vehicle and its driver. I made portraits on a white backdrop in a strict typological concept. The backdrop removes all context, so that even a rusty vehicle takes on the status of an icon. By adding the driver, I try to ‘humanise’ the object.

In the next stage other regions with a different vehicle culture will follow.