Martin Roemers’ work is featured in many public, private and corporate collections including:
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Huis Marseille - Museum for Photography, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

- Kunsthal, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

- Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Art Collection, The Hague, The Netherlands

- The Netherlands Embassy, Havana, Cuba

- The Netherlands Embassy, Brasilia, Brazil

- Nationaal Militair Museum, Soesterberg, The Netherlands

- Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Bonn, Germany

German Historical Museum (DHM), Berlin, Germany

- Industriemuseum Sachsen, Chemnitz, Germany 

- Stadtmuseum Berlin, Berlin, Germany

- Anthony Terrana Collection, Boston, USA
Ford Foundation, New York, USA
The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, USA

For information about Limited Edition prints please contact one of the following galleries or email
Please mention the country where you reside. 


Anastasia Photo

143 Ludlow Street 
New York, NY 10002

+1 212 677 9725


East Wing

Limestone House #12

Dubai International Financial Center

Dubai, UAE

+971 50 553 3879

Acte2 Galerie
9 rue des Arquebusiers
75003 Paris
+33 1 57 40 60 54
Torch Gallery

Lauriergracht 94,

1016 RN Amsterdam 

+31 20 626 02 84


Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science








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